The Internet

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What is the Internet?

Here are some of the internet topics


A User is a person who uses the internet. An example of an user would be a student. The student uses the internet to finish homework. They also use it to search topics up for an assignment. A user can be you, your grandpa or even your sister.

World Wide Web

World wide web

The world wide web was designed in 1989. Tim Berners-lee is the creator of the world wide web. The world wide web is use today to access sites. The world wide web hold many websites that you can visit. It uses severs all around the world to store data. The world wide web works by connecting all of the severs together. You can only access the world wide web, when you have a connection to a network or intenet connection.


Chrome browser

A browser is a way to access different sites on the internet. It is also a way to download or access stuff. I use Google to access my work on hapara. It also helps me studie for subjects. This helps me alot because, its faster and more efficient, than trying to find it in a book. Browser works by searching for the domain name of the the web page

Internet Service Provider

The ISP is the system which allows you to connect to the internet. It allows you to access a browser to go online. An example of an ISP would be spark. At spark you can sign up for all kinds of plans they have.

Web Page

A web page is a HTML page that is connected to the Internet. A web page can be accessed through a broswer. It is found on the internet. For example you can make a web page then upload images or videos.

Digital Devices

Digital Device

A digital device is a device you can use to connect to others. You can also use call and text others. A digital device can be hand held or carried in a bag. Humans have made these devices to make everyday tasks easier. The digital deviceruns on a batterie. The batterie powers the who system.

  1. Laptop
  2. Phone
  3. Computer
  4. Tablet


A Modem is something you get from your isp. It is connected by an ethernet cable to a telephone pole. It alows you to connect to your isp server which connects you to the internet. When you go onto a site, your modem connects to the isp. The isp sends packets from the internet to the modem, then to your computer.


A Webserver is a program written in html. It allows you to connect to the server. It is usually works in lan's (Local area network). It allows the connected devices to request information or to store data from the server.


A network is a group of computers connected to each other. They are also connnected to a big server. Multiple people in the area can connect to the network. This is for the purpose of sharing resouces. It is also used to share the internet connection. There are lans (local area networks) and there are Wans (Wide area networks). Lans are networks used in small areas. They are used in buildings or workspaces. Wans are networks used in wide area networks. They can connect computers kilometers apart.

Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre optic cables look like big wires. They are used to transport information in a seventh of a second. It is also used to transport emails and messages. It works by sending light down the pipe like wire, by it bouncing the light off the walls of the cable. For an example, if someopne sends a message through email, a signal will be sent down the cable to the persons address. The modem will receive and decipher the signal, then send the message.